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Server Rules
  • 1.1 No hacked clients
  • 1.2 Do not use unauthorised modifications
  • 1.3 Use of Auto clickers / Macros is not permitted
  • 1.4 Advertising is not permitted

  • 2.1 Do not use exploits to gain an unfair advantage
  • 2.2 Racism / discrimination is not permitted
  • 2.3 Staff / Server disrespect is not permitted
  • 2.4 Spamming is not permitted

  • 3.1 IRL money scamming is not permitted
  • 3.2 No cobble monsters of any kind
  • 3.3 Auto cannoning is not permitted
  • 3.4 Any kind of glitching is not permitted

  • 4.1 Ban evading is not permitted
  • 4.2 Mute evading is not permitted
  • 4.3 Death threats / Death encouragement is not permitted
  • 4.4 Nether portal trapping is not permitted

  • 5.1 Compromising another persons account / Threatening to do so is not permitted
  • 5.2 Death threats / Death encouragement is not permitted
  • 5.3 DDosing / Doxing is not permitted
  • 5.4 DDoS / Dox / Swatting threats are not permitted

  • Forums Rules
    • 6.1 Use common sense
    • 6.2 Stay on topic
    • 6.3 Do not post Ip-Logger / Screamers
    • 6.4 Do not harass other members
    • 6.5 Do not threaten to DDoS or Dox another player.
    • 6.6 Do not advertise other servers or commercial services.
    • 6.7 Do not trash another persons thread
    • 6.8 Racial / Sexual / Sexist slurs are not permitted
    • 6.8 Do not post another members personal information (Skype, Name etc)
    Please report content that violates these rules.

  • Be aware, These rules can be modified at anytime without notice

  • Allowed Mods
    • ArmorStatusHUD
    • BetterSprint
    • ReiMinimap without Entity/Player Radar
    • VoxelMinimap without Entity/Player Radar
    • TabbyChat
    • StatusEffectHUD
    • DirectionHUD
    • Text Mod
    • Kohi TCPNoDelay
    • Saturation Display
    • Daytime Mod
    • ShinyPots
    • Optifine
    • bspkrsCore
    • Batty's Coordinates
    • ToggleSneak
    • PlayerAPI
    • KeyStrokes Mod
    If you are using any other mod, please delete them. Failure to comply with any rules above will lead to serious complications.


    Since the items and ranks you receive when purchasing a package are Digital Intangible Items, there is a strict no refund policy. Once you make a purchase, there is no going back.
    Filing a chargeback will result in the removal of all ranks and purchases associated with a player, and a permanent ban from the Diverse Network website, server, and all other services associated with us.
    By making a purchase on our store, you are automatically agreeing to these Terms of Service, whether or not you have viewed them.

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